Overview of the corporate history

In 1968 the first earth-coupled heat pump system with low temperature floor-surface heating was put into operation under use from bifilar moved heat pipes of thermoplastic plastic in Germany by Klemens Oskar Waterkotte. Already in 1972 Mr. Waterkotte with his idea for a heat pump heating made himself independent. Today the WATERKOTTE GmbH is the only famous company which has specialised exclusively in heat pump heatings.

40 years of experience

WATERKOTTE heat pumps have a long working live, with some installed nearly 40 years ago still in operation. This length of service has enabled Waterkotte a great understanding and knows of the technology.

Here as a special example of a ground water-heat pump which stood in the Westphalian Nordkirchen. This heat pump functioned more than 33 years flawless.

Quality and efficiency of passion

The company WATERKOTTE and all employees are excited about the idea to produce ecologically friendly heating systems. Our employees make heat pumps with achievements of 5 to 500 kW in Herne. With it they allow heating solutions for single-family dwellings, up to big trade real estate. By the connection of experience and progress we offer to our customers the highest-quality products.