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EasyCon Mobile App Update Version 2.1.8

There is a new EasyCon Mobile App version. Update your app today in the respective app stores and benefit from the following new features:

  • Bug fixes, design and layout optimizations
  • updated message and heat pump list

New product ComfortBreeze

Heat, cool and ventilate simultaneously with ComfortBreeze ! The new product development supplements the WATERKOTTE ventilation system effectively. The air filtered by the ventilation system is additionally tempered by the flow of the floor heating before it ventilates the room. In this way you achieve up to 50% higher heating and cooling capacity of your entire system. The efficiency advantage also protects your wallet!

EasyCon Mobile App Update Version 2.1.7

Since 18.05.2018 there is a new version (2.1.7) of EasyCon Mobile App. Update your app in the respective app stores and benefit from the following new features:

  • Landscape mode
  • Note for deactivated services (W-water or cooling)
  • Updates for new machine types (Goliath, etc.)
  • Bugfixes, design and layout Optimizations

Industrial Line Goliath 6900

XXX - We offer highest power. With our youngest product development in the industrial line, WATERKOTTE heatpumps satisfy output needs up to 1000 kW without problems. With its enormous power the stand-alone unit Industrial Line Goliath 6900 breaks through existing limits. Four seperated refrigeration circuits guarantee absolute reliability. A special advantage of the model is the space-saving design. Usually such outputs can only be offered by various stand-alone units. The Industrial Line Goliath 6900 offers the maximal level of performance, compressed to 3 m².

Heating renovation in spring

The cold season is over and your heating-system can take a break. The warm season is the perfect time to plan your heating installation or reconstruction. Plan ahead and make sure to get attractive financial support and subsidies. The WATERKOTTE team or our business partners in Europe would be glad to support you and inform you about funding programs and conditions. Get in touch with us.

New geo heat pump EcoTouch Ai1 Compact

0,3 m² footprint, 1-4 kW – We offer heat pumps for everybody: The new EcoTouch Ai1 Compact is the apartment heatpump in the WATERKOTTE product range. The model is suitable for the supply of apartments up to 80 m² and fits into the smallest recess. Connected with a central heat source, single apartment blocks and/or housing estates and holiday home grids can be locally supplied with heat, cold and hot water. Besides new buildings, the deployment of the EcoTouch Ai1 Compact enables to realise restructuring plans in apartment blocks easily.

EasyCon Mobile App now available as App

With EasyCon Mobile you can easily access your heat pump at any time. This is possible via an Ethernet network connection, which allows you to connect to your heat pump. With the EasyCon Mobile App, you can tailor your heating system to your individual needs and make your heat pump smart.With the EasyCon app for mobile control, you can access your heat pump via smartphone or tablet. The EasyCon Mobile app has been completely redesigned for you and is now back in Google Playstore (Android) and the in App Store (iOS).

Interactive WATERKOTTE Systemhaus

The WATERKOTTE system house is now online. Here you can interactively discover the different areas of the system house. As a pioneer in heat pumps, we are committed to developing energy-efficient and sustainable system solutions. From now on you can also explore our solutions online! In the interactive system house you can see how heat pumps, controlled domestic ventilation, battery storage and home automation components work together like cogs, offering maximum efficiency with maximum comfort!