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Energy tank

EcoPower Station maxi | Energy storage

EcoPower Station maxi - Energy tank+
  • Battery storage flexible up to max. 13,8 kWh
  • Touch-display shows informationens of solar performance, batteriy-load status and power supply or power purchase
  • Integrated  power generator. own inverter
  • Integrated power saving
  • Lithium-Ionen memory
  • Modular extenable
  • Best battery technology of Panasonic
  • Wall holder or base
  • Flexible and und need optimized supply
  • Connection for für emergency socket(1ph.) – solar reloadable
  • Integrated controll with Waterkotte-EasyCon-Mobile
  • Charger for electronic car
  • CAN Repeater for running memory
  • External performance measurement possible
  • Battery module with connection-cit flexible extendable and retrofitablehttp://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/retrofittable.html
  • Guarantee up to 10 years fulltime incl. battery memory
  • Motor counter for emergency power
  • Power producing
  • Power prices are fixed and cheaper
  • Increasing power costs will be intercepted
  • Independent of energy provider
  • enviroment-friendly technology

Power memory for your Photovoltaik arrangement
Photovoltaik construction with power memories you make independent of electricity prices. Use your solar stream more and you become independent of your electricity provider. The EcoPower Station is based on the most modern battery technologies, is long-lasting and maintenance-free.

The advantages of solar power memories / PV-memory
Use your power, even if the sun just does not seem! Increase your own usage of 30% on up to 70%! Save power costs! Be a part of the energy turn!

EcoPower Station mini the memory solution for beginners and small solar arrangements
The EcoPower Station mini is far more than only one solar power memory (PV memory), because it controlled the energy flows in your household. The unique compact design with maximum achievement in the smallest construction space protects you 100% of independence in the future and if the power precipitates sometimes, the E3/DC-solar power memory serves as an emergency stream aggregate for the whole house!

EcoPowerStation, the flexible power memory for all Photovoltaik arrangements

This solar power memory offers you maximum achievement, based the Trilink ® technology. By the high continuous duty and efficiency the system is applicable with heat pumps also with the highest PV achievement. The integrated emergency power supply can be "reloaded" solar and supplies your house so independently with energy. It is as an AC and DC system usable and modular extendable also for bigger PV arrangements and island solutions.

Item number
Max. recommended power
15000 W
Min. MPP voltage/tension
250 V
Min. MPP voltage for AC power
500 V
Max. MPP voltage
850 V
Max. DC input power
1000 V
Max. DC power per MPP-Tracker
13 A
Independent MPP-Tracker
AC-store - max. power input
3000 W
AC power rating
12000 W V,Hz
AC voltage L/N/PE 230V
184 V
AC frequency
50 Hz
Max. output power (each phase)
20 A
Rectifier phase/ connection phase Cos
3 phi
Short circuit protection/Ground fault
Circuit breakers/approvals
VDE 0126/VDE-ARN-4105
Data interface
RS232/USB/Ethernet/C AN
5,7" TFT
Energy management
DC operation
AC power storage
Stand-alone operation
Hybrid (DC+AC)
Battery power converter
3000 W
Battery name
Battery technology
Panasonic Lithium-Ionen
Weight (per Battery module)
Temperture comtrol of E3/DC
Max. Battery performance
750 W
Height/ Height with stand
1005 mm
94 kg
incl. Holder
106 kg
incl. Foot
114 kg


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