Geothermal heat pump 1-4 kW

EcoTouch Ai1 Compact | Geothermal heat pump

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EcoTouch Ai1 Compact - Geothermal heat pump 1-4 kW+
  • Mini heat pump for single apartments
  • Inverter technology
  • Colored 4.3 inch touch display Integrated web interface for app control
  • Intuitively operable control software EasyCon
  • Central power switch
  • Sensor system with numerous sensors
  • COP counter and display of all operating data
  • Hot water tank with 120 liters content
  • Automatic legionella protection circuit
  • Integrated electric heating insert
  • Chlorine-free refrigerant R410A without ozone damage
  • Signal for controlling the speed of the circulating pumps
  • Variable speed circulators Efficiency class A
  • Integrated vibration damper Silenter®
  • Service-friendly device design
  • Bottom mounting of the connections
  • Unit dimensions (W x H x D): 802 x 1980 x 400 mm
  • natural cooling
  • Controller extension for additional mixer circuits
  • Low operating costs throughCOP values ​​up to 5.7
  • Touch display with innovative EasyCon software
  • Smartphone control via EasyCon Mobile
  • High quality hot water tank
  • Legionella protection through high storage temperatures
  • Housing insulation with highest thermal insulation
  • Ready-to-use installation
  • Reduced floor space 0.3 m²

Small heat pump for apartment units

The EcoTouch Ai1 Compact is a fully fledged central heating system with an integrated hot water storage tank that holds 120 liters. The heat pump covers the heating and hot water needs of apartments up to 120 m².

Apartment renovation made easy

The heat pump is designed for both new and existing housing units. Renovated multi-family homes can be progressively energetically modernized.  

Suitable for every living room

The small footprint of 0.3 m² and the connections on the underside allow a fl exible system installation - ideal for the smallest utility rooms. In addition, the 2-piece device structure is optimized for maintenance work.  

Hard to hear, easy to use

The high-quality housing has a special sound insulation. The noise emission is reduced to a minimum. The control is intuitive and logical via the high-quality touch display.

Flow temperature up to W10
63 °C
Flow temperature up to B0
63 °C
Power consumption input B0/W35
0.7 kW
Power consumption
Power consumption input
0.4 kW
Power consumption output B0/W35
4.1 kW
Tank capacity min
121 l
COP EN14511 W10/W35
COP EN14511 B0/W35
Groundwater flow rate
1 m³/h (Δt=3K)
Heatingwater flow rate
0.7 m³/h (Δt=5K)
Rolling piston inverter
Inverter rotary compressor
Operating limit
W10/W63 B-5/W63 B0/W63
Heat source flow rate
1 m³/h (Δt=3K)
Unit weight
199 kg
Dimensions W x H x D
834 x 1980 x 400 mm
Connections heat source/use
Connections hotwaterstorage