Geo heat pump 345 -462 kW

Industrial Line Goliath DS 6500 D | 111 - 462 kW

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Industrial Line Goliath DS 6500 D - Geo heat pump 345 -462 kW+
  • Heat pump with low energy demand
  • Power adjustment 50/100 %
  • Sensor system
  • COP-Counter and display all operation data
  • Domestic water heater, external tank
  • Chlorine-free, environment-friendly refrigerant R410A
  • Output signal for speed regulation of the circulate pumps
  • Modular design for optimised installation
  • Back installation of the connections
  • Unit dimension: (W x H x D) 2300 x 1927 x 930 mm
  • Balanced pad for installation on rough bottom
  • Cutting pipe to isolation of hydraulic connections
  • WebInterface
  • Electronic start
  • Frequency converter to eliminat starting current and for the progressive achievement adaptation
  • Regulator extension for:
    • Second heat circle e.g. for pool heater
    • Thermal  solar energy using
    • Two additional mixed circles
  • Low operating costs
  • Power adjustment by valve regulation or cylinder disconnection
  • Innovative controll software with mobil controll
  • Display of current COP-values
  • Open frame-construction typ with optional sound damping sheet case

Efficient and economical at the same time
The IL 6500 is used in building complexes with highest heat requirement. The power range of 345 - 462 kW is made available via the different sizes. The highly efficient devices can be combined with closed loop geothermal probes or open loop well systems by means of separation heat exchangers.

First class equipment
Standard equipment includes, among others, the innovative EasyCon software. Using the optional web interface allows convenient system control via Smartphone or a professional service software.

Performance as required
The IL 6500 is equipped with semi-hermetic screw compressors. The compressor power can be reduced by 50 %. This allows power grading between 50 % and 100 % of the nominal power. Using the optionally available frequency converters not only makes it possible to completely eliminate starting current peaks but also to perform continuous power adjustment between 50 % and 100 % of the nominal power.

Docking of drinking water tank
Connecting the domestic hot water tank or buffer storage from the EcoStock series turns the IL 6500 into a complete heating system. Depending on requirement, you can choose between standard tank sizes ranging from 200 to 1,000 litres or project-specific tanks up to 5,000 litres.

Item number
Power consumption input B0/W35
73 kW
Power consumption
W10/ W35
Power consumption input
76 kW
Power consumption output
462 kW
Power consumption output B0/W35
345 kW
COP EN14511 W10/W35
COP EN14511 B0/W35
Groundwater flow rate
109 m³/h (Δt=3K)
Heatingwater flow rate
78 m³/h (Δt=5K)
Rolling piston inverter
Vollhermetic Duo Scroll
Operating limit
W10/W64, B-5/W50, B0/W55, B5/W64
Heat source flow rate
88 m³/h (Δt=3K)
Unit weight
1475 kg
Dimensions W x H x D
2100 x 1927 x 930 mm
Connections heat source/use
DN 100