Geo heat pump 690 - 1000 kW

Industrial Line Goliath 6900 | 690 - 1000 kW

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Industrial Line Goliath 6900 - Geo heat pump 690 - 1000 kW+
  • Heat pump for extreme power requirements
  • Performance adjustment 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
  • Colored 10.4 inch touch display
  • Integrated web interface for remote monitoring
  • Intuitive controll software EasyCon
  • Sensor system with numerous sensors
  • COP counter and display of all operating data
  • Cascade control of up to 2 devices
  • DHW heating with external storage
  • Chlorine-free refrigerant R410A without ozone damage
  • Signal for speed control of the circulation pump
  • Rear mounting of the connections
  • Unit dimensions (W x H x D): 3117 x 1947 x 991 mm
  • Connection to building management system
  • Controller extension for:
    • Second heating circuit e.g. for swimming pool heating
    • Thermal solar energy use
    • Two additional mixer circuits
  • Low operating costs due to high COP values
  • Power adjustment by scroll compressor
  • Innovative operating software with mobile control
  • Fully connected in the internet
  • Display of current COP values
  • Housing in anthracite with robust powder coating

Innovative new development
With the Industrial Line Goliath 6900 we present a new development in the WATERKOTTE Industrial Line. The large heat pump breaks through previous performance limits with a delivery of outstanding 1000 kW.

Quadruple power
With performance figures, the Goliath 6900 is the largest single device in the world. The large plant uses four powerful scroll compressors. This allows a performance grading of 25%, 50% and 75%.

Maximum operational safety
Four compressors, four refrigeration circuits, four times safety. Separate refrigeration circuits are a guarantor for maximum operational safety. Consistent performance retrieval is also possible during maintenance operations.

Comfortable control included
The control of the system is comfortable and easy with the EasyCon software. It builds on the principles of intuitive operation. The WebInterface and the EasyCon App enable mobile control.

Power consumption input B0/W35
146 kW
Power consumption input
152 kW
Power consumption output
1000 kW
Power consumption output B0/W35
690 kW
COP EN14511 W10/W35
COP EN14511 B0/W35
Groundwater flow rate
218 m³/h (Δt=3K)
Heatingwater flow rate
156 m³/h (Δt=5K)
Rolling piston inverter
Operating limit
W10/W64, B-5/W50, B0/W55, B5/W64
Unit weight
3650 kg
Dimensions W x H x D
3117 x 1974 x 991 mm
Connections heat source/use
DN 80 Victaulic 2 x 100 DN