24-h service hotline

You can contact a telephone emergency service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Software update service

The software for the heat pump and all other WATERKOTTE units is checked during our maintenance service on site and updated if necessary

Replacement machine service

Parts up to compressors can be replaced by the service engineer on site. In special cases a replacement machine up to max. 27 kW can be provided.

Spare parts service

You need a spare part? Our customer service will advise you on all components of your WATERKOTTE heat pump. This applies to both current and older series.

Disposal of old units

On the purchase and installation of a new WATERKOTTE heat pump your old system (boiler, heat pump) will be disposed of. This statement does not apply to oil tanks and contaminated units.

New systems Consultancy service

Prior to the purchase of a new system we support you with the design of the optimal system. For EcoVent systems we prepare for you detailed project documentationfor your living area ventilation.

Configuration service

The system settings are confi gured to suit the user‘s situation.

Initial commissioning service

New systems are checked for correct installation and placed in service by factory customer service.

Cleaning service

All components in a system are professionallycleaned and in this way kept in best condition in relation to effi ciency and hygiene.

Bore planning service

On the purchase of a geothermal system we provide advice on all aspects related to boring. We will also recommend a suitable boring company based on the information we have available.

Efficiency check service

The efficiency of your heat pump system is measured and optimised by fi ne tuning the settings for the individual units.


Außerhalb von Deutschland kann es bei den Serviceprodukten zu Abweichungen kommen.