Future under one roof

WATERKOTTE System house

The cleanest and cheapest energy can be found in the earth, the air and the groundwater. Heat pumps use the stored energy to generate a temperature which is usable for heating. A complete energetic solution, fully integrated system, maximal efficiency, comfortable control of all components via mobile devices and pure aesthetic are the modern standards. With a WATERKOTTE EcoTouch heat pump you do not make any compromises.

As a pioneer for heat pumps, we feel responsible for continuously developing state of the art heating methods and for advancing the energy revolution. As a result, we invented a comprehensive / full concept, which is based on heat pumps: The WATERKOTTE System House. It does not only provide environmentally friendly heating but also integrates this component into the concept of future-oriented and comfortable living.

With the EasyCon software you are living as comfortable as possible: Control you heating-system easily via mobile devices. Not only is it comfortable, it also saves energy. By just a few touches on your smartphone or tablet you are able to check all settings, set timers and analyse your energy balance. Saving money has never been so much fun!

Beside the heat pump, the controlled domestic ventilation is an important element of the WATERKOTTE System House. In extremely insulated new buildings, ventilation is obligatory. Due to our innovative heat recovery, more than 90 % of the heat in the exhaust air can be recovered while minimizing carbon emissions.

Unpolluted air with a high oxygen-content ensures a good feeling. Increase the quality of the air by a simple touch of a button! Since our ventilation devices are equipped with integrated enthalpy-heat exchangers, our products also ensure a healthy humidity. Within the WATERKOTTE System House all the components work perfectly together and pursue a superior aim: Maximal efficiency and highest possible comfort!

By connecting the components you are able to control and monitor your ventilation comfortably via the touch display on your EcoTouch heat pump. This is made possible by a control line which connects the ventilation unit with the heat pump. With their state of the art control software, WATERKOTTE products are already prepared for the future.

The WATERKOTTE energy storage is the energetic heart of the WATERKOTTE System House. It saves energy generated by the photovoltaic system during the day and makes it usable for the various energy consumers of the system. Whenever needed, the energy is provided by the EcoPower Station. Consequently you, the consumer, are to a large extent independent from energy suppliers and you are able to face the continuous rise of energy costs with a smile

The communication between the various energy-consumers within the system is significant for the efficiency of the energy storage system. This is managed and coordinated by the EcoPower Station. The energy management system optimizes the use of self-produced energy for the heat pump and the ventilation unit. This is only possible due to the connectivity of the WATERKOTTE products within the System House.

With the EasyCon software, the storage unit can receive control commands from your web compatible heat pump. This is the most intuitive system available. Additionally, you can retrieve extensive data on the energy consumption of the complete heating and ventilation system. Operating states, values of energy production and usage and many other performance data are graphically shown on the colour display. You have everything in sight at all times.

Automatic domestic appliances do already exist for a long time but they are working separately as isolated solutions. The integration to an intelligent home management system turns those isolated solutions into a comfortable all-in-one solution. WATERKOTTE breaks the limits at connecting home technology. With the combined system of heat pump, ventilation, energy storage and home automation, WATERKOTTE uses the full smart home potential. The Home Automation App is available soon.

The WATERKOTTE home management complements the whole system by integrating lightening, blinds, windows, room temperature and smoke detectors and makes your life more comfortable: It enables you to control light and blinds comfortably via your mobile device. Thus, and apart from that comfort gain, the intelligent smart home products enable you to save a significant amount of energy. 

The WATERKOTTE home management automates functional sequences and optimizes the controlling and monitoring of the various components. For example, you can use the scene manager to control different functions combined. In the evening, the blinds shut down automatically while the feel-good lightening turns on. The separate components are not only a perfect match technically but also with regards to their design.