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Baffle plate

Reduces the mixing of cold and hot water in a hot water tank

Base point

When outdoor temperature reaches 20°C, a flow temperature is required at the base point to heat the living space

Bivalence temperature

Outdoor temperature at which one heat generator is not enough


Two different heat generators produce the thermal energy required

Bivalent / multivalent domestic water heating

More than two different heat generators handle domestic water heating

Bivalent alternative

When the outdoor temperatures drop below a specified point, the heat pump switches off and another heat generator takes over the supply

Bivalent heating

Two different energy sources are used for heat supply

Bivalent hot water tank

Hot water tank equipped with two heat exchangers

Bivalent parallell

When the outdoor temperatures drop below a specified point, a second heat generator is connected

Bivalent/regenerative heat pump operation

The connected second heat generator is based on regenerative energy sources (e.g. wood, solar energy)

Blower door test

Measures the airtightness of a building


Liquid protecting pipes and heat generator against frost and freezing

Brine pump

Used for transporting brine from heat pump through the brine circuit

Brine-water heat pumps

Heat pump that converts geothermal energy (brine or groundwater) into usable heat for heating with water or hot water production. Can also be used for cooling of buildings.

Buffer tank

Heat storage available at the beginning of the extraction since heat generation takes a certain time.