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Via DCC, all connected digital controllers can be controlled. Used for the central control of various devices


Regular process on heat pumps during which ice and frost is removed from the evaporator by means of heat input

Degree of utilisation

Ratio between required heat or energy and useful heat output

Design temperature

Temperature of heating water required to supply building with the necessary thermal energy when lowest temperature occurs. Highest required heating water temperature

Diaphragm safety valve

Protects heat generator against excess pressure

Differential pressure manometer

Compares inlet and outlet pressure of a system part


Nominal diameter

Dosing pump

Pumps liquids in a certain amount and time

Drain funnel

Funnel for draining condensation

Drinking water

Water that is suitable for drinking Can also be used for washing, cooking and sanitary purposes Must be in compliance with the respective EU directives

Drinking water heating

Heating up of drinking water to maximum 95°C for showering, washing hands, cooking, etc.

Drive energy

Heat pumps require electric power as drive energy to be able to function They return a multiple of this energy in form of heat