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Ordinance issued by the Ministry of Interior on requirements on furnace facilities, heat and fuel supply facilities

Filling pressure

Pressure inside a heating system after filling prior to initial commissioning

Filling water

Process water with which the entire heating system is filled


Used to separate pollutants from water or gas

Filter fineness

Relates to the minimum pollutant size removed from gas or water

Final energy

The energy available to the consumer for use after loss of energy due to conversion into power or heat and transport of primary energy.

Final energy

Final energy that is available to the consumer after conversion by the heating system

Flow heater

The water is not preheated in advance but rather heated at the time of withdrawal.

Flow heating

The water is not preheated in advance but rather heated at the time of withdrawal.

Flow limiter

Limits the flow volume in lines

Flow meter

Measures the flow volume

Flow principle

Water is heated up while it flows through the device, not in a storage tank

Flow resistance

Causes pressure of water or gas to drop in a line

Flow temperature

Temperature of the medium (e.g. water) in the heat distribution system which is responsible for the transport and transfer of the heat.

Flow temperature

Water temperature of heating water before it flows through the pipes to the heating surfaces to release heat

Flow temperature sensor

Measures the flow temperature

Flow volume

Volume of process water that circulates in the heating system during a certain time

Free flow

Flow created by the release of heat

Fresh water station

Used for heat transfer for drinking water heating. Functions as flow-through principle