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Heat capacity

Indicates the amount of energy required to heat up 1 kg of a substance by 1 degree Kelvin

Heat carrier / heat transfer fluid

Medium (liquid or gaseous) used for the transport of heat

Heat demand

Net amount of heat required to heat a room and/or ensure hot water production

Heat demand of building

Heat required by a building at the lowest possible outdoor temperature

Heat distribution system

System consisting of pipes, pumps and fittings that transports the usable heat to the required turnover points

Heat energy calculation

Answers the question as to the amount of thermal energy that must be provided by a heat pump. This is an important point for heat pumps since over-dimensioned heat pumps result in increased energy costs.

Heat exchanger/ heat transfer

Used for the transfer of thermal energy from one circuit to another to allow specific use

Heat generator

Every heating device that produces heat for heating or drinking water heating. Part of heating system in which heat is produced.

Heat pump

Heat pumps extract thermal energy from heat sources in their environment (water, ground, air). The energy extracted becomes useful by means of a compressor. The final energy of a heat pump can be used for heating and water heating.

Heat pump hybrid system

Heat pump system to which a condensing boiler is connected when needed

Heat pump system

Heat source system and heat pump system make up a heat pump system

Heat pumps with integrated ventilation system

Combination of heat pump and controlled ventilation system in one unit.

Heat recovery

Heat extraction from used up substances, e.g. waste air or waste water that can be used for heating or domestic water heating

Heat source

Source of thermal energy, e.g. ground, water, air, occurring in nature. Additional heat sources not occurring in nature are waste heat and waste water.

Heat source system (WQA)

Extracts energy from the heat source and transports it to the heat pump

Heat station

Heat generator + domestic hot water tank

Heat transfer coefficient (U-value)

Indicates how much heat is released by a component. Depends on surface and temperature difference

Heat utilisation system

Part of the heating system in which the heat is utilised. (Heating areas, taps, etc.)

Heating capacity

Figure of useful heat output by heat pump. Is determined by the difference between outdoor and indoor temperature. The outdoor temperature is decisive since the indoor temperature is to be kept constant.

Heating circuit

Self-contained system for heat distribution

Heating circuit control

Term that combines all electronic components involved in the control of a heating circuit

Heating circuit manifold

Common connection of different heating circuits

Heating control

Determines the water temperature required in the heat generator

Heating curve

Establishes a connection between flow and outdoor temperature to keep room temperatures at the desired level regardless of fluctuating outdoor temperatures

Heating demand

Amount of heat that must be supplied to a room to maintain it at target temperature

Heating flow

Connection between heat generator and radiator

Heating limit

Temperature at which a need for thermal heat occurs if it is not reached over a period of several days. Usually 15°C

Heating load

The quantity of thermal energy that must be consistently supplied to maintain room temperature at 20°C

Heating mixer

Controls the temperature of the heating water

Heating period

Period during which the average outdoor temperature is below the heating limit.

Heating return

Transports the heating water back to the heat generator

Heating system

Term to combine heat generator and heat distribution system

Heating system

Used for heat supply, consisting of heat generator, control, heat distribution system and heating areas in living space

Heating water

Process water in the heating system is referred to as heating water


Raum der den Vorschriften der FeuVO entspricht und in dem Wärmeerzeuger aufgestellt werden


Druckerhöhung die es ermöglicht Luft aus der Heizungsanlage über die Entlüfter zu entfernen

Hot water heat pump

Heat station consisting of a heat pump and hot water tank for hot water production

Hot water production

Heating of drinking water

Hot water production

Heating of drinking water for household use

Hot water production

Tank for preheated water that can be used for heating or drinking water

Hybrid system

Heating system with various coordinated heat generators

Hydraulic compensation

Ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the rooms to increase the overall efficiency of the heating system and prevent overheating or overcooling of individual rooms.

Hydrothermal heat

Heat stored in water