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Panel heaters

Heating systems that give off heat over large areas that are integrated in the building, e.g. over walls or floors. Due to the larger area, a lower flow temperature is required (low temperature system)

Panel heating

Heating system that gives off heat over a large area

Passive cooling

The compressor of the heat pump remains inactive. This results in a reversal of the heating effect. The energy is released into the cool ground and the resulting cool air is fed into the building.

Peak performance

Maximum heat output


Relates to the ratio between supplied primary energy and final energy available to the consumer.

Performance factor

Measures how much heat can be provided by a storage tank. Measurement is based on heat demand of a standard apartment

Power modulation

Controls the release of heat by means of the current heat demand

Preparatory heat-up

To get surface ready for covering, the screed is heated

Pressure monitor

Sends a warning signal if the comparison between actual pressure and target pressure turns out to be negative in an area of the heat pump

Pressure transmitter

Measures and transmits the pressure in a heat pump or line


Dient dem Transport des Energieträgers vom Wärmeerzeuger zum Wärmetauscher

Primary energy

"Raw form" of energy as found in nature prior to conversion.

Primary energy demand

Amount of primary energy required to provide sufficient final energy.

Process water

Water not suited for drinking but only for technical processes

Pump characteristics

Area in pump diagram in which the working point of a controlled pump takes place.

Pump connection module

Electrical connection in the heating unit for heating pump and tank charging pump

Pump curve

Represents the connection between discharge head and flow rate of a pump at constant speed

Pump diagram

Used to present several pump curves and pump characteristics

Pump lag time

Time required by pump to come to a standstill after shutdown

Pump switching mode

Determines when heating pump is switched on