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Renewable energy is an alternative to fossil fuels. The advantage is the regeneration of the supplies. These energies include wind, solar and brine energy, but also biomass and thermal energy in ground, air and water


Substance that evaporates at low temperatures. Used for the transfer of thermal energy.

Regenerative energy

Energy that is available in unlimited supply (measured in human time periods)

Remote monitoring

Alerts the consumer via Internet in case of heating system errors.

Remote parameterisation

Option to change settings of the heating system via the Internet

Remote query (read)

Option to query settings of the heating system via the Internet

Residual head

Resistance that a heat pump can still handle after deduction of all the existing resistance.

Return temperature

Temperature of heat carrier at input of heat generator or at output of heating circuit

Return temperature sensor

Measures the return temperature

Return water

Water that is returned to the heat generator after it released the thermal energy