EasyCon Mobile App now available as App

With EasyCon Mobile you can easily access your heat pump at any time. This is possible via an Ethernet network connection, which allows you to connect to your heat pump. With the EasyCon Mobile App, you can tailor your heating system to your individual needs and make your heat pump smart.With the EasyCon app for mobile control, you can access your heat pump via smartphone or tablet. The EasyCon Mobile app has been completely redesigned for you and is now back in Google Playstore (Android) and the in App Store (iOS).

Update EasyCon Mobile App

We would like to inform out that the EasyCon Mobile App is currently not available for iOS. Due to an update of iOS some time ago, the functionality of the app has been compromised. Therefore, since the app is fundamentally revised and will be back soon. The release of the new EasyCon Mobile App is scheduled for January 2018. As soon as we receive the approval from Apple, we will inform you immediately about the release of the new EasyCon Mobile App.

German Design Award 2018

Once more WATERKOTTE has been awarded twice for excellent product design. The geothermal heat pump "Basic Line Ai1 Geo" was prized with the "German Design Award Special Mention 2018". The predicate "Special Mention" honours works and designs that show successful partial aspects or solutions - an appreciation for the commitment of companies and designers. The ventilation unit "EcoVent E" has been awarded with the "German Design Award Winner 2018" in the category "Energy". The winners of each category are selected by a seperate jury. We are pleased that the jury assessed our elegant product design as outstanding.

Certification of WATERKOTTE products in Schwitzerland

For the first time in Switzerland WATERKOTTE products were certificated by a heat pump system module. People who buy a FWS certified heat pump, get a heat pump with high-class claims in planning and implementation. The heat pump system module (WPSM) was developed some years ago by experts from the heating branch and is a valid condition for heat pump funding in Switzerland. Here you find the certified products products.

Iconic Award 2017

A new award for WATERKOTTE. Visionary buildings, innovative products and lasting communication from all sectors of architecture, construction and real estate branches as well as the manufacturing industry are awarded with the Iconic Award. WATERKOTTE received the honouring " Iconic Awards 2017 - Winner" for its susatinable concept "Kalte Nahwärme". In order to protect our environment, we need to act now. Economic heating systems on the base of renewable energy are more asked than ever. Hence, we are glad and proud that our concept is awarded.

Most innovative brand 2017

In addition to the Plus X Award for product design, WATERKOTTE as a company was awarded with the highest honor of the 2017 Plus X Awards. WATERKOTTE is now the "most innovative Brand" in the category "Heating and Climate"! The Award symbolizes high quality and highlights the strength of the brand. We cordially thank the jury, the partners, ambassadors and organizers of the Plus X Award for this extraordinary acknowledgement.

WATERKOTTE in den sozialen Netzwerken

We of WATERKOTTE are represented now on Facebook. Follow us on our Facebook company site. Here you get newest information about developments in our company. With pleasure you can get in touch with us in messanger. We are glad about all visits, likes, comments or Facebook company site!

Econ Award Nominee 2016

A few month ago we had made a completely new web page. Our actually web page is very customer-oriented, clear and held in an exceedingly functional design. We sign in to the econ award with our web page. Actually we are a nominee of the econ award 2016 in the category "digital media | web pages". The competition is hosted by the Econ press and the Handelsblatt-group. Every year since 2007 the Econ Award honors the best corporate communication of the german-speaking space.

Red Dot Award 2016

This year six of our heat pumps won the Red Dot Award 2016 and received the popular Design Award in the category "high design quality". We are very glad about the honouring of our heat pumps. These awards show that the design of our heat pumps keep up with the technical quality and the energy efficiency. From our Basic Line series won the Basic Line Ai1 Geo and the Basic Line BM 7010. Also products of our EcoTouch series came out as a winner. Our heat pumps EcoTouch Ai1 air, EcoTouch Ai1 Geo, EcoTouch DS 5027 and EcoTouch DS 5018 were also honoured with the Red Dot Design Award.

Together successful as a service partner

We proudly announce the nomination of our long-time partner Fleitmann (Hövelhof) as a new service partner. Since 1978 Fleitmann obstructs WATERKOTTE heat pumps. The municipality Hövelhof is known as the community with the most use of geothermal energy. The City has in terms of percentage the highest concentration of geothermal using in Nordrhein Westfalen. Since the end of May Fleitmann belongs to the official partner network of WATERKOTTE. Together with all professionals and service partners we promote using our heat pumps and particularly support the renewable energy production. WATERKOTTE offers a fair partnership with installer companies.

Cold local heating for the sanitation of houses

In recent years, the so-called "cold local heating" has proven to be particularly suitable for the sanitation of dwellings. Similar to a remote heating network, the buildings are equipped with a house connection that provides thermal energy. However, in contrast to conventional remote heating this involves a low instead of a high temperature. The advantage is the elimination of virtually all "delivery losses". To reach the desired temperature level inside the house, a highly efficient heat pump is used. With this system, accurate project planning and layout of the entire plant is of particular importance. WATERKOTTE has already been successful with several projects.


Much has happened at WATERKOTTE during the last months. We have launched the expansion of our facility. The results of these efforts are remarkable. The WATERKOTTE Academy has opened its doors, offering 20 different seminars to our customers. In the "Work Area", fully functioning heat pump and ventilation systems are available to you. We offer basic seminars, service seminars and enlargement seminars. After the theoretical part here you perform supervised, hands-on training on the unit. By the practical exercises you get to know the devices in detail. The Work Area merges into the open-concept bistro. Here you will find everything for your physical well-being.