Central living area ventilation 270 m³/h

BasicVent | Ventilation

BasicVent - Central living area ventilation 270 m³/h+
  • Central inlet/exhaust air unit with heat recovery
  • Cross-counterfl ow heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery effi ciency up to 95 %
  • High-efficiency fan, efficiency class A
  • Air flow rate up to 250 m3/h
  • For residential units from 100 to 200 m2
  • Fully electronic controller
  • Illuminated, semi-graphic LCD panel
  • 6 buttons with 3 status LEDs
  • Frost protection, timer and holiday function
  • Setpoints in m³/h
  • Continuous indication of all measured values
  • 4 temperature sensors, frost-protection function
  • Exhaust air temperature monitoring for over-cooling protection
  • Powder-coated metal housing
  • Vertical connections of the air duct system
  • Living area connection left and right possible
  • Wall mounting (W x H x D) 720 x 720 x 500 mm
  • WebInterface NetBase
  • Air quality sensor for CO2 and humidity
  • Bypass for cool fresh air in the summer
  • Smoke sensor for safety shutdown in case of fire
  • Filter set Pure X against pollen and fine dust
  • Control and measuring system
  • LCD control panel
  • Can be upgraded with web interface
  • Best fi gures for convenience and effi ciency

Heating and ventilation one system

The quality of the room climate is the result of the air temperature, atmospheric humidity, CO2 content and air movement. All of these aspects are controlled by our innovative ventilation unit BasicVent. The system can be combined with all heating systems.


Energy-saving by means of heat recovery

Using a heat exchanger, BasicVent transfers the heat from the exhaust air to the incoming fresh air


Clean air due to fi ltering

BasicVent draws stale air from the rooms and supplies fresh air in its place. This fresh air is purifi ed by a fi ne-pore fi lter system. Using optional fi ner fi lters it is possible to retain pollen and fi ne dust.


System solution that impresses

Due to optimised airfl ow and highly effi cient motors, BasicVent achieves very good effi ciency. A further advantage is the modern control using an LCD or smartphone app.

Item number
Air flow rate max
300 m³/h
Unit weight
29 kg
Dimensions W x H x D
773 x 809 x 545 mm
Diameter of the air duct
150 mm
Heat recovery efficiency
Air-side connections
160 mm