Central living area ventilation 400 m³/h

EcoVent | Ventilation

EcoVent - Central living area ventilation 400 m³/h+
  • Central inlet/exhaust air unit with heat recovery
  • Cross-counterfl ow heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 95 %
  • High-efficiency fan, efficiency class A
  • Air flow rate up to 350 m3/h
  • For residential units from 120 to 300 m2
  • Fully electronic controller
  • Illuminated, semi-graphic LCD panel
  • 6 buttons with 3 status LEDs
  • Frost protection, timer and holiday function
  • Setpoints in m³/h
  • Continuous indication of all measured values
  • 4 temperature sensors, frost-protection function
  • Can be controlled with WATERKOTTE EcoTouch heat pump
  • Full app support via standard web interface
  • Can be controlled via the Internet using:
    • BasicPro Mobile
    • EasyCon Mobile
  • TÜV-tested integrated fireplace function
  • Exhaust air temperature monitoring for over-cooling protection
  • Powder-coated metal housing
  • Vertical connections of the air duct system
  • Indication of filter change
  • Smoke sensor for safety shutdown in case of fi re
  • Air quality sensor for CO2 and humidity
  • Living area connection left and right possible
  • Free smartphone app
  • Filter set Pure X against pollen and fine dust
  • Bypass for cool fresh air in the summer highlights
  • Filter set Pure X against pollen and fine dust
  • Bypass for cool fresh air in the summer
  • Wall mounting (W x H x D) 720 x 720 x 500 mm 
  • Standard web interface
  • Can be controlled using app via smartphone
  • Integrated fireplace function
  • Best figures for convenience and efficiency

High-quality design
The EcoVent ventilation unit was designed to match the EcoTouch series of heat pumps. With particularly highquality features, EcoVent achieves high air fl ow performance with low energy consumption.

Powerful fan
EcoVent operates with a controlled EC fan that has four settings. Its air fl ow of 350 m3/h is adequate for ventilating larger buildings with up to 300 m2 of living space. The heat in the exhaust air is exploited via a cross-counterfl ow heat exchanger.

Well-equipped for winter and summer
The numerous additional features are of signifi cant advantage. These include a summer bypass and an integrated fireplace function for the simultaneous operation of the ventilation system and fi replace installation.

The Internet is integrated as standard
The unit can optionally be controlled via the high-quality LCD control panel or an EcoTouch heat pump. The web interface integrated as standard permits direct access and control via a smartphone or tablet computer.

Item number
Air flow rate max
400 m³/h
Unit weight
29 kg
Dimensions W x H x D
773 x 809 x 545 mm
Diameter of the air duct
150 mm
Heat recovery efficiency
Air-side connections
160 mm
Air quality sensor
Bypass for summer