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Duplex - Avantgarde PHH

size102 m²
construction year2010
construction placeDresden
heat pump systemAi1 5007.4

The construction of the duplex Avantgarde PHH is based on the KfW standard for the energy efficient house type 70. It also features floor heating. In combination with the WATERKOTTE ground source heat pump, the duplex offers maximum comfort and efficient energy balance.

Single family house - Da Capo 73

size131 m²
construction year2010
construction placeSaalstadt
heat pump systemAi1+ 5007.3 mit passiver Kühlung

WATERKOTTE integrated a ground source heat pump into a prefabricated house that was built based on the KfW standard for the energy efficient house type 70. The complementary function of passive cooling allows the residents to enjoy pleasant room temperatures in the summer. During the colder seasons, the efficient heat pump heating system with installed floor heating creates warmth on a space of 131 m².

Singe family house - Swing

size128 m²
construction year2010
construcction placeBerlin
heat pump systemAi1+5006.3 mit passiver Kühlung

The ecological Swing house uses innovative building and heating technologies. In 2010, WATERKOTTE installed a ground source heat pump with maximum efficiency. This ensures warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer in all the rooms of the house. The residents appreciate the unique comfort as well as the compact design of the heat pump.

Multi family house - Da Capo Sonder

size118 m²
construction year2008
construction placeIlvesheim
heat pump systemAi1 5007.4

The elegant design with the large pitch roof is also reflected in the applied heating technology. The installed WATERKOTTE ground source heat pump is an efficient and convenient heating system. In combination with the building standard KfW efficiency house 70, the heating system ensures low energy costs at maximum comfort.

Duplex - Duett

sizeje 111 m²
construction year2006
construction placeSexau
heat pump systemAi1 5006.4

A duplex without compromises: Hallway with spacious wardrobe, bathroom with shower and kitchen with pantry. Concerning the heating system there were also no compromises made; instead, the ultimate system was selected. A WATERKOTTE ground source heat pump: space-saving, quiet and highly efficient.

Single family house - Jazz 80

size143 m²
construction year2009
construction placeNeufang
heat pump systemAi1 5007.3 with passiv cooling

For single family houses exceeding a living space of 120 m², WATERKOTTE also offers optimal solutions. The residents have been enthused about the heating technology of the Schwabenhaus Jazz 80 from the start. The thermal insulation based on the KfW standard for the efficiency house type 70 and the WATERKOTTE ground source heat pump with cooling function leave nothing to be desired. The controlled living space temperature ensures well-being in winter as well as in summer.

Single family house - Swing 79

size128 m²
construction year2010
construction placeBerlin
heat pump systemAi1 5006.4

The compact design of the single family house Swing 79 is predestined to be equipped with a WATERKOTTE heating solution. Due to the KfW standard for the efficiency house type 70, the installed floor heating and the efficient design of the house, only a low nominal power of the ground source heat pump is required. For this purpose, WATERKOTTE offers optimal solutions with highest product quality and efficiency.

Multi family house - Da Capo Sonder

size289 m²
construction year2009
construction placeBerlin
heat pump systemDS 5011.3

With a floor space of 289 m², house Da Capo is optimally suited for several generations. This also applies to the installed WATERKOTTE ground source heat pump, which converts the entire living space into a wellness paradise with a nominal power of 10 kW. The residents are convinced by the compactness, low heating costs and the efficiency of the product.

Singe family house - Klassik

size124 m²
construction year2009
construction placeLampertheim
heat pump systemAi1+ 5006.3 mit passiver Kühlung

Perfectly stylish and classic, perfectly thought-out These are the features of the bungalow with a living space of 124 m². Perfectly thought-out is also the highly efficient heating and cooling technology of the house. The WATERKOTTE ground source heat pump with cooling function is the optimal solution for cold winters and hot summers.

Single family house - Villa Verona II

size150 m²
construction year2008
construction placeHamburg
heat pump systemAi1 5007.3

The large bay stretching over two floors on the garden side ensures the special charm and protects the terrace from the weather and prying eyes. Numerous windows, the hip roof and the individual cladding design lend the villa a very individual flair. Whether Mediterranean, puristic or modern - do as you like. The WATERKOTTE energy concept emphasises the high comfort and quality of the property. The installed ground source heat pump captivates by its compactness and high level of efficiency.

Single family house - Villa Verona I

size155 m²
construction year2007
construction placeFalkensee
heat pump systemAi1+ 5007.3

Villa Verona may trigger memories of the last vacation in Italy. The modern urban villa brings a piece of Tuscany to Germany. The 155 m² living space is heated with an environmentally friendly WATERKOTTE air source heat pump. The high efficiency of the heat pump results in enormous savings in heating costs. The owners also greatly appreciate the environment protection and sustainability of the use of renewable energies. WATERKOTTE heat pumps stand for highest environmental compatibility at excellent efficiency.