EasyCon Mobile App now available in App Stores

Download now the new EasyCon Mobile App and connect to your heat pump. Your heat pump and your smartphone or tablet are in the same network and can communicate with each other. Install the respective app and enter your data. The connection was made when the icon at the top right has changed from red to green. If you have questions about the connection you can send an e-mail to info@waterkotte.de.


Download links for Google Play Store and Apple App Store

More ease of use and less cocts

The menu structur of the app is like the control software that is installed on your heat pump. This allows immediate and intuitibe navigation. With the software you are able to send mobikle control commands or checkt data evaluations.

EasyCon Mobile allowsa you to control your heat pump from anywhere. This results in real ease of use. If, for instance, you are on your way home from a holiday, you can already turn up the heat. Saviing costs has never been so much fun.

Highlights EasyCon

  • Free control software
  • Availability of all operation functions
  • Continous system overview
  • Comprehensive display of measured data
  • Active system message from the heat pump

Technical requirements

  • Available LAN network
  • Existing Internet access via provider
  • Router with a spare RJ45 connection
  • WATERKOTTE EcoTouch series heat pump
  • Intuitive menu structur

Features EasyCon

  • Control and monitoring software for heat pumps
  • Multilingual full version
  • Available as Apple and Android app
  • Can be installed on Smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Expandale e.g. for living area ventilation

EasyCon Mobile | Control via Internet

EasyCon Mobile allows you convenient access to your heat pump at any time via Smartphone or tablet computer. This is made possible by an Internet connection that you can establish with your heat pump via the application and a web interface.

 EasyCon Mobile is available free of charge as an Apple and Android app for your Smartphone or your tablet computer. Simply download from Internet and install. Then enter your heat pump IP and you are coneccted.

BasicPro Software | Intuitive and logical

The control software BasicPro was specially developed for ground and air/water source pumps in the Basic Line series. It is baded on the standard software that has been in use at WATERKOTE for years. The individual menu steps are logically structured and make operation intuitiv.

The heat pump can be configured using the modern display and weather-based control ensured for efficient heating and cooling. A web interface can be installed as an option. In this way you can also control your heat pump on the move.

Measurement technology and compatibility

All units in the Basic Line series are equipped with extensive sensors. Measured data are acquired at the important stages in the refrigerant circulation. You can read the parameters and the measured results on the display. Problems in the system are displayed in the alarm and information manager.

BasicPro also makes it possible to controll additional functions such as domestic hot water production or living area ventilation. In this way the control unit for the heat pump takes on a central function in tghe system. All functions are already integrated in the software.

Features of the control unit

  • Semi-graphic display 3 indicator LEDs
  • White backround lighting
  • Central power switch
  • Operation via 6 buttons
  • Monochrome display pf symbols

Intuitive user promts

  • Established WATERKOTTE control logic
  • Quick access to the main functions
  • Efficient, weather-based heating and cooling operation
  • Preprogrammed for additional control circuits
  • Buffer memory for saving configuration data
  • Remote control via BasicPro  Mobile app

Ease of use

  • Graphic display of the refrigerant circuit
  • Continous display of important measured values
  • Hot water setting for the related system
  • Individual timer programs
  • Detailed display of information and alarms