Competence and Tradition

WATERKOTTE is an expanding producer of innovative heat-pump system solutions and automation. The extraction and use of renewable energies is a field of activities which has a promising future.

The Waterkotte GmbH developed from the pioneering work of its founder Klemens Waterkotte who in 1969 developed, unknow at this time, heat-pump heating technology. At its company site in Herne, WATERKOTTE produces heat pumps with a power range from 1 to 300 kW.

From the idea for the company

The company founder Klemens Oskar Waterkotte is the man who in the 1970s invented and established the heat-pump heating. Since 1970, this pioneer has been heating his own house by means of geothermal energy. In the development process of this innovative technology his well-founded theoretical and professional experience in the field of refrigeration, air-conditioning and process engineering as well as his unerring faith in an environmentally friendly, healthy and at the same time also economical heating system led his way. And his strategy proved to be correct and is even today a foundation of the success of the company WATERKOTTE.

A technology with future

The background knowledge about the steady temperature in the earth acquired Klemens Oskar Waterkotte by measurements and literature from the area of the mining. By his experiences in the climate control of households he had the idea to distribute the warmth using a low temperature underfloor heating system. Finally, after many development efforts the work was accomplished: A heat pump heating system. It became a example for a new heating technology. The pioneering achievement of that time forms not only the basis for the successful enterprise WATERKOTTE but constitute till this day a substantial know-how projection.