WATERKOTTE Aerial pumps and geothermal energy pumps are developed and produced exclusively in the company headquarters in Herne.

Made in Germany is the guarantor for a high product quality. Only here we find the optimum basic conditions and qualified professionals to develop high products. Our heat pumps belong to the authoritative class in Germany.


All added value areas like development, manufacturing, quality assurance, warehouse and dispatch are with us under a roof. Thereby we receive a maximum flexibility and quality. Every heat pump can be traced back with the help of her serial number up to every single production employee. Only so originate excellent products.

Beside the product quality and the technical achievement the responsibility always also counts for WATERKOTTTE to invest in the native country and to protect jobs.

Quality assurance

Our products are made under the strictest quality check. About two thirds of the whole manufacturing duration is used for examining and testing of the devices.

All devices are checked by stricter guidelines than are prescribed. The higher aim is the maximum efficiency and a quality which is aimed on a high longevity.

Building draught

An integrated planning draught is necessary for the establishment of buildings after the newest standard. Only so can originate a most efficient overall system .

For small installations our very well trained professional partners take over this job. By great arrangements you can contact our central planning department. Here installations with up to 3.5 megawatts are thought through till the smallest detail, are calculated and laid out.